Welcome to Mikem Suspension. We're
specialists in all suspension systems

Mikem Suspension Systems specialises in the design and manufacturing of 4x4 leaf and coil suspensions systems. We have our own in-house technical coil and leaf spring designer as well as design facilities.

Our leaf and coil springs are designed to our specifications which are then manufactured by ISO approved manufacturers in the RSA, UK, or Germany. We provide a wide range of leaf and coils spring set-ups for various vehicles - both on and off road. We are also well established in the military and mining industries. Mikem has the ability to design and manufacture "once-off" custom suspension systems.

MIKEM can test individual shock absorbers to make sure that your vehicle's shock absobers are still fit for the job.

Pairs of shock absorbers can also be tested in tandem on the shock testing machine to make sure that left/right pairs are working correctly in conjunction with each other.

This testing facility tests the bump and the rebound on the shock absorber. These tests are done much more rapidly than will be required from a shock absorber under normal load, hence giving a very clear indication of the working condition of the shock absorber.

We have the ability, on our premises, to carry out complex engineering work.

If you need custom suspension parts, don't hestitate to contact us.

Apart from our facilities onsite we have also partnered with ISO-certified suppliers in RSA, UK, Germany to assist with manufacture of our leaf and coil springs, which are designed to our specifications before being outsourced for manufacture.