We provide the following services at Mikem Suspension Systems:

  • Servicing of shock absorbers & load testing of coil springs.
  • Servicing and repair of all Bilstein B6/B8/B14 and B16 shock absorber kits.
  • Custom-built suspension set-ups.
  • Fitment of batteries, brake pads, shocks and all suspension components - all in-house.
  • Suspension checks and reports.

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We supply the following products at Mikem Suspension Systems:

  • Coil Springs(Mikem custom designs).
  • Progressive or variable rating spring designs.
  • Coil-over shock absorber designs.
  • Height and damping adjustable set-ups.
  • Leaf springs designs for most vehicles.
  • Greasable shackles and pins.
  • Polyurethane bushes.
  • All suspension components.
  • Bilstein, Sachs and Gabriel shocks supplied and fitted.

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We service and supply